Empower CES — Consumer Marketing

The direct-to-consumer marketing for Empower CES could really use a lot of help.

The design remains amateurish, however we will not focus on that component, which can be easily improved if the right resources are hired.

The messaging, and the lack of calls-to-action, however, need to be addressed. A potential customer arriving to the site has to figure out on their own what the next steps would be if they wanted to purchase anything from Empower. The landing page is simply a side-by-side comparison of installed residential solar systems along with a few bullets highlighting benefits and values of a solar-powered home.

Empower should further highlight the benefits, and have links providing more detail to each of them. In simple terms, how much will the average household save? The finance examples used are too advanced for the average visitor, and can be provided as a deeper link.

What will be the environmental impact? Carbon footprints are becoming a fairly common measure, why not use it? Better yet, why not partner with a non-profit and have them validate the claims? There are many, including Carbon Fund, the Nature Conservancy, or Conservation International.

How will the investment increase property values? Are there studies that prove this? This would be especially interesting, and it is disappointing that more information is not available.

Ultimately, the worst aspect of this portion of the site is the complete absence of any calls to action. In spite of the poorly designed and phrased benefits, if someone wanted to purse Empower further, it is not easy to do so. The only way by which the web site visitor can deepen the relationship with Empower is via the ‘Contact Us’ section. There need to be considerably more call-outs than the one in the navigation bar. Within each section there should be links. For example, ‘Want to learn more how you can save money and increase the value of your home? Send a message to one of our representatives.’

The Contact Us Page is also horribly designed. There needs to be some header text and imaging to spur visitors to complete the form. Typically, this includes a re-affirmation of the company’s privacy policy. The submit button is below the fold for most screen sizes, which sure reduces the conversion rate. Also, the button itself has a staid label ‘Submit Query’. Best practices would have a different label, such as ‘Learn more now!’ or ‘Get Solar Now’.


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