Empower CES

Empower CES has a number of areas for improvement. The site is lacking in navigation, discoverability, and most significantly, engagement. The company is relatively young, yet upon arriving at the website you feel as if it was designed in the mid-90s. The homepage, while thankfully not a wasteful landing page a la Sunpower, has too many navigation points, with gigantic buttons, and no mention of what Empower actual does.

Design and architecture of a website such as Empower CES should consider the following questions:

  1. Who will be visiting our site? Typically, prospective clients is one answer, but current customers, partners, suppliers, and even competitors will also be visiting.
  2. What do we want them to do at our site? This will obviously depend on the answer to the first question. For example, we may hope for prospects to join a mailing list or request additional information, while partners may be directed to a special log-in area.
  3. What is the image we want to project? Should the focus be on engineering excellence or ‘green’ marketing? This goes to the core of the company, what are its primary values?

Reviewing the site, it does not appear the EmPower considered these questions when it undertook its design. Navigating deeper, it is clear that the company wants to speak to a wide swathe of customers: residential home owners, commercial property owners and institutions. At the same time, it is promoting the benefits of leveraging solar technology, but does not speak to each of these constituencies in a separate voice. The result is a confused, amateurish site.


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