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I have started to take a closer look at the residential section of SunPower. It was one very interesting feature wherein they estimate the savings a residence will receive by switching to solar power. It is an excellent mash-up, pulling in satellite imagery from Google maps. I question their math, because if it were true everyone would sign up for solar! The tool lets you see your lifetime savings, monthly utility cost reduction, along with the reduction of your carbon footprint. It clearly is targeting the ‘green’ consumer and the tool does a fairly good job.

After that however, things fall apart; there is not enough follow-up. I just revealed where I live, and the calls to action after viewing my results are sedated at best. There is a button to get a free solar assessment, but there could be so much more. Creatively, the button is not nearly prominent enough. The link directs someone to a separate section that then re-asks the same questions. Ideally, email should have been collected at this point for follow-up.

There is also an emphasis to call a 1-800 number which is bizarre to say the least. Someone is already engaged, on the website, why direct them to a phone? At a minimum collect email first, ideally have something lick a live chat.


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    TenagaSurya said,

    Thanks for sharing.
    Is it just because the company growing to fast and isn’t followed by equal service growth?

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      kenmarkus said,

      Thanks for your question. You know, I did not think anyone was reading these things so I think I should try and do more of these now. Sadly, I do not have an answer to your question. From what I have seen thus far, however, I do not think the problems on many of these websites is due to fast growth, rather I think it is due to a lack of investment in the online channel. Most of the critiques I have are simple to fix and also simple to avoid with the right people involved.

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      TenagaSurya said,

      BTW: I post our conversation on my blog:
      [Two Shades of Green] New Comment On: SunPower « Tenagasurya’s Blog
      with a hope someone if not everyone will have a read.
      Meanwhile you didn’t think, as you said, anyone will read.
      If you don’t mind, I want we have an intensive conversation.
      Thank you very much.

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    TenagaSurya said,

    Thank you very much.
    I’m focusing to the SunPower website you’ve experienced.
    In forum, we discussed about SunPower panels.
    That’s why I invited you to have a look there.
    To me, seems SunPower think or feel they’re so advanced that make them neglecting the online system advantages.
    Is my opinion reasonable?
    I’m new and just begin to learn about marketing.
    Thanks again.

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