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SunPower continued

I have started to take a closer look at the residential section of SunPower. It was one very interesting feature wherein they estimate the savings a residence will receive by switching to solar power. It is an excellent mash-up, pulling in satellite imagery from Google maps. I question their math, because if it were true everyone would sign up for solar! The tool lets you see your lifetime savings, monthly utility cost reduction, along with the reduction of your carbon footprint. It clearly is targeting the ‘green’ consumer and the tool does a fairly good job.

After that however, things fall apart; there is not enough follow-up. I just revealed where I live, and the calls to action after viewing my results are sedated at best. There is a button to get a free solar assessment, but there could be so much more. Creatively, the button is not nearly prominent enough. The link directs someone to a separate section that then re-asks the same questions. Ideally, email should have been collected at this point for follow-up.

There is also an emphasis to call a 1-800 number which is bizarre to say the least. Someone is already engaged, on the website, why direct them to a phone? At a minimum collect email first, ideally have something lick a live chat.


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Our next website to review is SunPower, a producer of solar products. We will focus on its residential business.

The landing page is an odd choice.  It is a head shot of an average white guy with the quote “The most powerful solar on the planet is ready”. This is very abstract, in fact so abstract I do no understand it. Is there more than one ‘solar’ on the planet? I am envisioning the two suns shot in Star Wars, but last I checked there is only one ‘solar’ for planet Earth.

The main purpose of the page is to direct the reader to his/her specific region. I now view this as an opportunity to see what, if any, localized marketing they executed. It also gives me a chance to practice my Spanish.

Unfortunately, to achieve this once I select my region I need to erase my cookies and start over. The repeating theme of a head shot of an individual is making a bit more sense, perhaps moreso because we are focusing on the residential business.

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